#1: 5 Ways to speed up your computer…


People have asked me a lot of times how to make their computer faster.
I always tell them what to do but they don’t understand me like i’m speaking Japanese.
So here i give you 5 ways to make your computer faster…

#5 Check your computer on viruses…

If you have problems with internet or your computer is just really slow,
it can be possible that your computer is full of viruses.
You first have to download a good Anti-Virus software.
I use AVG Anti-Virus myself.
I think its good and it cleans my computer well.
The only downsides on this software is that it keeps updating automatically and you can’t just remove it from your computer.
You first have to download an AVG Anti-Virus Remover from the internet.

Here are the steps to download AVG Anti-Virus:

1 – Go to: http://free.avg.com/eu-en/homepage

2 – Click on the “Get free protection now” button.Button_1

3 – Scroll down until you see the download button for AVG.Button_2

4 – It will automatically send you to another website.
Click the download now button.

Save it in the map where you want to install it, install it, and done!
You now have AVG Anti-Virus 2013 for free!

#4 Clean up that mess!

What also helps speeding up your computer is cleaning it up ofcourse!
There are several tools to clean up your computer.
Like a broom or a tissue…
I am just kiddiiiiing.
I use CCleaner myself.
It’s easy to navigate through and it cleans fast as well.
Also you can remove problems CCleaner found on your computer.

Here are the steps to download CCleaner:

1 – Go to: http://www.piriform.com/ccleaner/download

2 – Choose one of the download sites of the free version of CCleaner.
We’ll choose piriform.com


It’ll take you to a page and your download will automatically start.
If it doesn’t, just click the big ass download button in the middle of the screen 🙂
Install, clean up and you’re done!

#3 Removing unnecessary files.

Now this is a little bit more techny.
You have to locate your %temp% and prefetch folder.
You locate them by clicking on the start button in the down-left corner of your computer screen, then search “run”.
It should look like this:


1 – Type in: %temp%
A folder will be opened with files.

3 – Delete all the files.
It’s possible that it says you don’t have the rights to do that.
Just click ok or continue.

4 – Click on “run” again and type in:

It will open a folder with files in it.
Delete all the files.
Again it can tell you you don’t have permission.
Just click ok or continue.
You’re done!
Delete your files in the bin and your computer will work a lot faster!

#2 Change your battery’s options (laptop).

Did you know you can change your battery options?
It really helps speeding up your computer.
You do need to plug in your battery charger.
Because it eats energy.

Here are the steps to change the battery options:

1 – Click on the battery icon in the lower-right corner of your screen.


A window will pop-up with options you can select.
Click on more options.


Another window will appear.
On this window you click on the little button with the little arrow pointing down.
If you click that, you will see another option.
Click that option (the option is called performance).
It should look like this:


Close the window and you’re done!

#1 Changing the appearance.

Didn’t any of the last tips help?
Then this will surprise you.
It will make your screen look like windows 95, but it will really help speeding up your computer!

Here are the steps to change the appearance:

1 – Click on the start button in the lower-left of your screen.

2 – Right click on computer.

3 – Click on the properties option in the list you get after you right-clicked computer.
A window will appear.
It should look like this:


Now click on the Advanced system settings option.


Another little window will appear.
Now click on the settings button under “performance”.


Another window will appear.
Now click on the “Adjust or best performance” option.

You’re done!
Close all the windows and you’re ready to do things a lot faster!

From your fellow blogger…

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